Yohann Prigent

I'm 25 and work in Paris.

When I was younger, I was part of SPIP, an open-source community. I developed some plugins in PHP. The most popular ones :

After that, I went to an engineering school in Paris at 18. I did not enjoy the slow pace and prefered to learn more being an entrepreneur. I founded my own company : Cogit Studio. We went from 0 to 550+ k€ in revenue these past 5 years, and up to 8 full-time employees.

Wanting to discover more about Ops and the Cloud ecosystem, I finally chose to work for Scaleway (part of Global Top 10 Cloud Provider) as VP of Front-end.

What I do :

  • Web : ReactJS / Angular / JS / HTML & CSS
  • Back : PHP / Golang / Objective-C
  • Ops : Docker / LXC / QEMU / Linux

You can reach me by email : yohann at pri dot gent.